Strong, bold, creative leadership on our St. Paul City Council

“St. Paul is facing exceptional challenges in the coming decade and “good-enough” is no longer good enough. Residents are tired of “business as usual” and Ward 5 needs a bold, respected leader and problem-solver who inspires and supports neighbors, businesses, and community groups to collaborate and establish innovative ways to thrive.”

Pragmatic, Creative Solutions

I grew up in a single-parent household and we didn’t have much, but we learned to work together and find scrappy, creative solutions to problems. With recent state cuts, the city is forced to reduce services and raise taxes at a time when homeowners can least afford it. I hope to use the City Council office to protect the public services that make Saint Paul a great place to live and help attract and retain quality jobs so that our families and neighborhoods can thrive.

Passionate About This Community

I am passionate about this community, and it’s important to me that we keep sight of our shared values of high-quality urban life filled with diversity, cultural opportunities and public amenities that make our city a great place to live and work. I want to bring my skills, energy and extensive professional background to City Hall and tackle our challenges head on.