As Council President with two terms in office under her belt, Amy has the experience and relationships in City Hall to advance priorities
that are important to Ward 5 residents. Amy is a strong progressive leader with a positive vision for Saint Paul.

She continually advances fresh, innovative ideas and approaches to building a Saint Paul that works for everyone.

Extraordinary Engagement and Constituent Service

Serving community members is Amy’s first priority, and she believes that important observations and great ideas come from everywhere. Since she was first elected in 2011, Amy has held regular (well attended!) in-community office hours at the Rice Street Library. She has held targeted community office hours with translation services to ensure that she is connecting to all the members of the community. “Lake Laps” are another way Amy connects creatively with residents who want to share ideas or concerns; community members are invited to circle Como or Loeb Lake, or enjoy a stroll in Trout Brook Nature Sanctuary, to meet in an outdoor, active setting.

Excellent constituent service has been a cornerstone of Amy’s time in office. Her priority is that each call, conversation, email and letter that comes in is answered in a timely fashion and that each person feels heard and well-served. Together with her friendly, professional staff, Amy works to be a trusted, effective advocate for constituents in sometimes complex city-processes. Amy welcomes ideas for policy improvements brought forward by all residents. 

Join Amy for a Lake Lap

Public Safety

Public safety is the most fundamental responsibility of city government and has always been the top priority for Amy. She believes that public safety will best be achieved by investing both in world-class Police and Fire Departments, as well as in preventative services, education, mental health, stable housing and measures to eliminate poverty and give hope for the future.

Amy is proud of Saint Paul’s Police Department and its service-oriented leaders.  She is committed to investing in and partnering with the SPPD to further develop the department’s cultural competence, community trust and technology and innovation. Through investing in body-worn cameras, supporting a citizen-led Police Civilian Internal Affairs Committee, building a new public safety training facility, expanding the community ambassador program, increasing rec center and library hours and activities, and partnering with our public schools, Amy has been a leader on prioritizing public safety and creating opportunities for all Saint Paul residents to thrive.

 Ward 5 is also well-served by the top-notch Saint Paul Fire Department that is constantly innovating to meet demands of our growing  city. Together, we have reimagined the way we deliver fire and life support services to ensure the fastest possible response times and access to life-saving technology. Amy will continue to support full funding of our fire and rescue services for the safety of our community, and the first responders who step-in to help us in our time of need.



Safe and stable housing is the bedrock of a strong and vibrant community. Without housing, quality education and gainful employment become nearly impossible to achieve. Amy took office in the throes of the Great Recession and the housing crisis. As parts of our economy have recovered, the housing market has swung wildly from a time of ubiquitous vacant homes to less than 1% rental vacancy rate. Concurrently, people who once preferred the suburbs are moving back into cities and Saint Paul’s population is at a historic high. Simply put, we do not have an adequate supply of housing options to affordably house all current and future residents of our city. As housing prices rise, so do the numbers of men, women and children with no place to call home.

To begin to address this crisis, Amy created a housing task force and authored an aggressive blueprint  to address housing affordability, stability and supply. Housing is a complex issue and the blueprint includes strategies to produce (increase supply), preserve (affordable units) and protect (tenants from predatory landlords and unsafe conditions). Amy is driving the conversation around housing for Saint Paul as well as on a regional level, and working to create jobs right here in Saint Paul for our residents.

Planning for People and the Future

Since the 1950s, city and regional planning was done with a strong focus on personal automobiles and moving people and goods quickly around and out of the city. The flight to the suburbs in the 70s and 80s were devastating to the urban core. Now, people are decidedly moving back to the metro cities across the nation and rejoining those hardy souls who never left. As Saint Paul grows and thrives, Amy believes that all planning and renovation must be focused on people who live here and our  local needs. Saint Paul’s oldest and youngest citizens, and everyone in between, need safe, clean, walkable, bikeable streets, sidewalks and paths. Further, our personal safety walking, wheeling, driving or biking to school or work should not depend on our socio-economic status, but routinely, affluent neighborhoods receive modern pedestrian amenities while lower-income and working-class neighborhoods suffer the impact of wide, multi-lane roads, heavy commuter traffic, lack of recreational off-street paths and gaps in the sidewalk network. Amy believes this disparity is unacceptable and will continue to work to ensure every neighborhood is a safe for pedestrians.

The most vibrant cities in the world have one thing in common—great public transit and people happily on foot and on bike. Adequate transit and pedestrian options are not just safety features or nice-to-haves, they are an economic development imperative. Employers know to attract top talent, they need to locate in places that are easily navigable by transit, bike and foot. Saint Paul is a great and growing city and Amy knows that we can build upon our success by investing in modern transit options that promote a safe, healthy environment and healthy and connected people.