To keep Saint Paul “America’s Most Livable City”, we need bold and authentic leadership in our City Council.
As an outspoken advocate with broad professional experience, proven management skills and a scrappy, can-do attitude,
Amy has been an effective representative for the people of Ward 5.

Extraordinary Engagement and Constituent Service

People are my first priority, and I believe that great ideas can come from everywhere and anywhere. Since I was first elected in 2011, I have held regular in-community office hours around the ward. I also hold targeted community office hours with translation services to ensure that I am connecting to all the members of my community. “Lake Laps” are another way I connect creatively to residents who want to share ideas or concerns; community members are invited to circle Como Lake to meet with me in an outdoor, active setting.

Constituent service has been a cornerstone of my first term in office. My staff team is tasked first and foremost with making the Ward 5 constituent experience positive and fruitful. Together, we all work to be the best advocate for our constituents in sometimes complex city-processes. We welcome ideas and policy improvements brought forward by our residents. To learn more about my official role on the Saint Paul City Council, click here.


Join Amy for a Lake Lap

Public Safety: The City’s First Job

Public safety is the most fundamental responsibility of the City and it has been and remains a top priority for me. I have enjoyed getting to know the members of our police department over the past three years through ride-alongs, community meetings, neighborhood events, crime discussions and one-on-one conversations. In our diverse community, I will help ensure the police prioritize being community-focused and culturally sensitive. Our neighborhoods and businesses thrive when people feel safe so a strong relationship with police is key. Ward 5 is also well represented by the fire department. I have joined the department on several calls to both medical emergency and fire scenes.  We have a top-notch department that is constantly innovating to meet demands of the City. I will continue to work to fully fund our Fire and Rescue services to ensure that response times are fast and rescue resources are available.

Economic Development, Redevelopment and Housing

The work of the Planning and Economic Development Department (PED) is paramount to the success of Saint Paul because it helps to create a vibrant and livable city with a robust tax base. In 2014, I was elected by my peers to serve as the Chair of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority– the board which oversees much of this work. This ensures Ward 5 concerns are truly part of the discussion for the limited economic development resources. I am an advocate for small business and I have taken a very practical approach to policy making at the council table. I have pushed for reduce barriers for business entering the market, and to streamline code and compliance processes. In addition to ensuring safe practices, our Safety and Inspections Department should consider themselves the concierge of the city; welcoming and facilitating reinvestment and growth.

Most Livable City

Our community is fortunate to have many incredible parks, rec centers and libraries. These are the amenities that make Ward 5 and Saint Paul a great place to live. I successfully fought to expand hours and increase staffing in our rec centers. I also backed funding for increased library hours and materials. I will continue to prioritize funding for these important community resources.

In Copenhagen, city planners say that they think about public space with an eye toward cozy, comfortable places where people would want to “be” and spend their time. This feeling, referred to as hygge (hoo’-gah), creates a city that is livable and vibrant because it puts people in the center of planning. As we prepare for growth, transportation improvements, an aging population, needed infrastructure investment, proposed bicycle routes, and more, I believe that planning with people as the focal point is critical. More hygge for Saint Paul!