When Sparc shuttered in 2013, the North End Development Team was born. Made up of representatives from District 6, the North End Business Association, at large residents, Ward 1 and 5 City Council offices and PED (City) staff, the new organization fills the community development gap. The group selected Community Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) and North East Neighborhoods Development Corporation (NENDC) as its partners.  Since that time and at the direction of the NEDT, NENDC and District 6 co-applied for STAR funding for business improvement and secured $100,000 to be spent in the North End. CNHS has spent thousands on North End homes as well, and will apply for ongoing funding to target the North End. Amy supports the collaboration, including plans for community workshops in 2015 cementing a plan for Rice Street development.

Organizational partners: District 6, Planning and Economic Development Department, NEBA, CNHS, NENDC