As part of the election process, many organizations hold candidate screenings and endorse candidates whom they think will best represent them in elected office. These are the organizations and individuals supported Amy in 2015.

Fire Supervisor Association Local 3939

Saint Paul Building Trades

IBEW Local 110

Local 49

TakeAction Minnesota

St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce PAC

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In addition to organizational support, here are some of the fine leaders and invested neighbors who have lent their names as supporters of my re-election bid * (please let us know if you’d like to add your name to this list!)

Amy with Louise Seeba and Representative John Lesch at the Harvest Parade.

Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Saint Paul Council Members Kathy Lantry, Russ Stark, Dave Thune, Saint Paul School Board Members Mary Doran, Keith Hardy, Jean O’Connell, Louise Seeba, and Chue Vue, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, Ramsey County Commissioners Toni Carter, Jim McDonough and Mary Jo McGuire, Representatives John Lesch, Rena Moran, and Erin Murphy, Former Representative Tom Osthoff, Roseville School Board Member Kaying Thao

Danette Allrich, Liz Anderson, Ass’t Police Chief Todd Axtell, Gidget Bailey, Susy Bates, Deputy Mayor Kristin Beckmann, Clint Blasier, Jim Bradshaw, Molly Brendmoen, Jonathan & Maddy Bohn, Michael Buelow, Joe Campbell, Melvin Carter III, Connie Coleman, Beth & Jon Commers, Cathleen Cotter, Erin Dady, DJ Danielson, Ted Davis, Heather Doran, Melinda Driscoll & Chris Pozzini, Dan Duddingston, Dave Duddingston & Clayton Halunen, Anna Hover, Sarah Erickson, Dot Fashingbauer, Donald Lorr & Elizabeth Giffin, Steven George & Sharon Capuano-George, Sara Grewing, Nathaniel Mayweather & Margi Grill, Dino Guerin, Nancy Haas, Meegan & Matt Hall, Bruce & Lisa Hannum, Mike Hahm, Butch Inks, Melissa Jamrock, David & Jessica Johnston, Alissa Kellogg, Dick & Terry Kelly, Matt Kramer, Jeanne Kranz, Bruce Larson, Sarah Lechowich, Kirsten Libby, Bill Lindeke, John Marshall, Harry Melander, James Mogen, Jimmy Morelli, Saw Morrison, Kathleen Murphy, Kim & Chris O’Brien, Rich Pakonen, Chris Parsons, Bob Parker, Patti & Ron Rud, Megan Ryan, Jonathan & Gretchen Sage-Martinson, Erica Schumacher, Paul Seeba, Carla Sherman, Mike Smith, Joe & Joanne Spencer, Gina Stokes, Joanne Swanson & Annie Huidekoper, Megan Thomas, Wendy Underwood, Chong B. Vang, Sarah C. Walker, Jeff & Linda Warner, Paul Winkelaar, Paul Williams & Mickey Moore, Amee Xiong, Marny Xiong, Mike Zipko