As part of the election process, many organizations hold candidate screenings and endorse candidates whom they think will best represent them in elected office. As these endorsements are made in 2019, they will be posted on this page.

St. Paul Building and Construction Trades
OutFront MN
Women Winning

In addition to organizational support, here are some of the fine leaders and invested neighbors* who have lent their names as supporters of Amy’s 2019 re-election bid:

Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter, Saint Paul Councilmembers Chris Tolbert, Rebecca Noecker, Mitra Jalali Nelson and Kassim Busuri, School Board Chair Zuki Ellis, School Board Members Marny Xiong and Mary Vanderwert, Ramsey County Commissioners Toni Carter, Jim McDonough and Trista Matascastillo, State Representatives Rena Moran and Kaohly Her, Former State Senator Ellen Anderson, Former State Representative Erin Murphy, Former Councilmembers Dave Thune, Nathaniel Khaliq and Russ Stark, Former School Board Member Louise Seeba, Deputy Mayor Jaime Tincher

Aquanetta Anderson, Liz Anderson, Kerry & Joseph Antrim, Annette Beaulieu, Kristin Beckmann, Andres Boland, Jonathan & Maddy Bohn, Michael Buelow, Amanda Cade & Steven Struhar, Jillian Carpenter, Betty Conley, Jeff DiGregorio, Melinda Driscoll & Chris Pozzini, Dan Duddingston, Dave Duddingston & Clayton Halunen, Dan Edgerton, Jeremiah Ellis, Jonah Fields, Julia Gartzke & Ethan Osten, Donald Lorr & Elizabeth Giffin, Steven George & Sharon Capuano-George, Karin Groening, Katie & Erik Grotberg, Nancy Haas, Meegan & Matt Hall, Alissa Harrington, Clara Haycraft, Kao Ly Ilean Her, Chad Holliday & Chloe Rizzo, Richard & Renee Holst, Gabrielle Hruska, Felipe Illescas, Betti Ingman, Melissa Jamrock, David & Jessica Johnston, Dick & Terry Kelly, Norah Kelly, Hwa Jeong Kim & Steven Carlson, Eh Tah Khu, Jeanne Kranz, Chai Lee, Hlee Lee-Kron, Miranda Lestrange, Kirsten Libby, Bill Lindeke, Mary Mangan, James Mogen, Don Mullin, Kathleen Murphy, Cari Ness Nesje & Nathan Nesje, Noel Nix, Kim & Chris O’Brien, Janet Pope & Ted Benson, Sahkuwahzan Rungmahabut, Hannah & John Riederer, Patti & Ron Rud, Jonathan & Gretchen Sage-Martinson, Erica Schumacher, Asha Shoffner, Paul Seeba, Carla Sherman, Kristine Sorensen, Sara Stimple, Joe & Joanne Spencer, Gina Stokes, Wendy Underwood & Darren Tobolt, Kaying Thao, Paul Winkelaar, Hsakushee Baldwin Zahn, Cody Zwiefelhofer.


*Please let us know if you’d like to add your name to this awesome list! Email